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Our Family 

Digging in to our roots...

We have been growing here at Gransfield for several generations, and it all started with my great grandad....

Although I'm the main contact now, there are several key players behind the scenes....



1904 - 1989 Sid was a real hard worker and someone I greatly admire. Although time has worked her ways and I know only stories of his and Violet's life, what I do know is that he was a market gardener through and through.

Growing and working for others locally and saving what he could, he eventually got enough together to 'go it alone' purchasing Gransfield to grow and sell his strawberrys.


First Generation


Second Generation

Taking over from where Grandad left off Uncle Mark and Uncle Kev have been hands on caring for the field and tunnel. growing culinary plants; the star of which (in my opinion) are the leeks, for a killer cream of leek soup. 

Laying the foundations quite literally, Grandad Ron built the first polytunnel at Gransfield. (The frame for which, our new tunnel is constructed around)

Gardening for recreation, he loved to make his own wine (though tests would later show it to be closer to sherry) and he used the tunnel to grow fruit including those precious grapes.

Third Generation

Fourth Generation 

Unfortunately, as time continues and Gran gets further into her 90's, caring for her has slowly become a larger job for my Uncles and so the field has been cared for less and less. 

That's where me & my brother, Jason,  come in! They have been generous enough to let us work on the field and getting fresh air and exercise during covid was more than welcome. 


I have found a love for growing plants and seeing Gransfield's transformation has been a satisfaction I hope to continue for years to come.

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