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 RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM)

RHS garden merit logo.png

What is the AGM?

The AGM is designed as a guide to which plants are best for all-round garden value.

Plants That Perform

A forum of a wide range of horticultural experts including nurserymen, specialist growers and well-known horticulturists meet to debate the characteristics and garden performance of plants

The AGM Review

Unlike other RHS plant awards, the AGM is subject to regular review. To make sure that every plant still merits its place. In 2002 and 2012 over 3,200 plants that no longer met the AGM criteria lost the award and since 2013, reviews have been conducted by each plant committee on a rolling review.

Gransfield's AGM Plants

 RHS Plants for Pollinators 


RHS Plants for Pollinators

One of the biggest problems for pollinators is a lack of flowering plants, especially those packed with pollen and nectar. We, like RHS, care passionately about our bees, hoverflies, butterflies and other pollinators and believe gardens play an important role in reversing their decline. 


Pesticide Free Plant Promise

At Gransfield we are commited to never spray any chemicals pesticide agents on to or near any of our plants 

Supporting British Wildlife

RHS reviewed the old logo after research found that some labelled plants contained traces of pesticides. Rather than get rid of the brand altogether – which would undermine efforts to boost pollinator numbers - they updated to Plants for Pollinators which better reflects the significance of the logo; showing gardeners those flowering plants that are attractive to pollinators without commenting on the way in which they have been grown.

Gransfield's RHS Plants for Pollinators

RHS Award
Plants for Pollinators
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