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100 % of our plants our sourced from UK suppliers or grown in house at gransfield 


Hanging Basket Mix

Our Hanging Basket mix has been reformulated, giving a slightly lighter and more easily watered compost. It has added watergel and increased slow release nutrients, giving better feeding qualities for the plants.


The superb moisture retaining properties mean your baskets stay moist, but not waterlogged, helping the added slow release nutrients assist your plants during the season.


With slow release nutrients and calcified seaweed to keep your plants healthy right through the season.

For many years now, we have grown herbs and vegetables in various tubs and containers and have consistently produced good crops. Flowers grown in tubs containing Plantermix have produced strong healthy plants.

The benefit of Plantermix is that there is no need for extra feeding throughout the growing season and it does not tend to dry out as quickly as multipurpose compost. Then at the end of the growing season the Plantermix can be used to top up any garden beds or it can be used again next season if enough feeding is then added to the mix.

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